"feed me, I starve"

Greg, My ‘glamping’ foodie buddy

I first met Greg Todd on a sheep field in the Brecon Beacons back in July 2006.
A group of us went to ‘Glamp’ (glamorous camping) and it was such a blast, that I’ve been back a good 4-5 times. Greg is the master chef at these events. He unpacks a virtual kitchen, complete with a fantastic modified paella dish that sits in his webber . In this dish he has been known to create seafood paellas. He also has a South African poike pot, which is a cast iron cauldron on legs that can sit in the fire. Massive stews and risottos are thus conjured. Camping creates an insatiable appetite for no real reason that I can figure other than a lot of fresh air, so Greg is the ultimate buddy. We all want to help, but somehow our efforts pale in comparison to Greg’s. See below for a step by step on the webber. Read more…

french toast in the campsite

just because one is in a field doesn’t mean one has to starve.

trussed lamb on a spit

Photo by Smoo from one of our camping trips to Brecon, Wales. Cooking and DIY engineering come together. Greg Todd was the architect.