"feed me, I starve"

Rasberry and coconut giant cupcake

As always Princess Lottie spoils Waynsey on a Sunday with some kinda awesome treat. This cupcake looks stunning and imagine that this is just a slice from a GIANT cupcake. OMG It must be heavenly. Hurrah Lottie!

Coconut cake baked with a smattering of raspberries then coated in a vanilla cream cheese frosting. The base has been rolled in a mixture of toasted flaked coconut and almonds. Finally I sprinkled a little dessicated coconut on top for that extra flavour.”

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Peter’s lamb curry dinner

Another weekend another dinner party. While Princess Lottie whirred and purred away on her fabulous KitchenAid mixer to turn out her marshmallow white chocolate rocky road cupcakes. I decided it was time to tackle one of our favourite curry dishes again.

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At the Grocer on Elgin, the cupcakes are lush! Check out what more West London has to offer…

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NY cupcakes at Dean and Deluca

Looking at Lotties gorgeous cupcakes, I got to thinking about the wonderful array I experienced on my weeks trip to New York . The first I want to share are these Artful beauties at Dean And Delucca

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NY cupcake

Oh heavenly little cake, you make my heart sing and my belly swell.
I love you!

Black Bottom Cupcakes
So while we were away in New York, Lottie got up to some delicious mischief, and yet again, we only have the photos to drool over! We simply insist on a taste.
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The infamous Hummingbird bakery on Portobello Rd

No, I did not eat one! The queue out the door was crazy… but the sweet fragrance of The Hummingbird is more seductive than you could imagine.