"feed me, I starve"


A gem in the crown of Melbourne eating, Claypots is the kind of establishment I adore. Totally focused on simple, fresh,  and generously proportioned seafood dishes, flavoured by the influences of Indian, Malaysian, Morrocan, Cajun and Chinese fare, Claypots remains a firm favourite and apparently number 29 of all things to do when visiting Melbourne according to Trip Advisor.

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zero point ratatouille

The belly has been quiet……because I have been doing the dreaded ‘D’ word. After a few years of eating whatever I want, when I wanted, I piled on a stone, yes, 14 glorious pounds of overindulgence. And something had to be done as I was no longer enjoying that lardy feeling of squeezing into too tight jeans. Also, no matter how much I sucked in the belly, it was always there, a constant reminder that I, the food blogger had eaten her way through a few too many delicious, intoxicating meals. If you look at the thumbnail view of this site, you pretty much see a record of just one years eating. Impressive huh?

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Dungeness fish and chips at the Pilot

We drove down to beautiful, wild and windy Dungeness to be swept along the coast by savage winds and seduced by her raw austere beauty, unlike anywhere else in the UK. BUT, the real reason we drive there is to taste the impeccable fish and chips at the Pilot, the famous on the coast recognised as the best fish and chips in the land. Read more…

Gordon Ramsay’s posh fish pie

Lottie and Wayne came over for dinner on Saturday night and that’s just a little daunting. Why? because they cook so damn well and always put on a fantastic spread. I decided not to get competitive, and make a simple but hearty meal,a pate for starters, followed by  a fab  fish pie, full of the freshest , haddock and prawns I could get.  After hunting through many recipes, I  loved Gordon Ramsay’s posh pie, because it’s nice and boozy, full of white and Noilly Prat, (perfect excuse for making martinis). Served with minty and beans, ’twas super and we had just enough room for my wicked dark chocolate mousse with rasberrys and orange blossom . There was enough leftovers for Sunday supper too. Mmmmm…

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Mama Hue’s Kitchen

This week it”s Princess Lottie’s uglier half giving you a taste of what it was like to grow up in Mama Hue’s kitchen.  Strong aromas (!), fresh ingredients, and flavours that packed a whole lot of punch: that was Mama’s trademark.  And the in-laws certainly approved on Saturday when we cooked up this Vietnamese inspired feast.  Credit also goes to Mr Ramsey’s Chinese five-spiced pork for leaving the in-laws thoroughly fed and ready to burst, but it was really Princess Lottie’s chocolate delight in a box that made us roll them out of here…
PS:  if you want to taste Mama’s home recipes, just give us a shout.  I’m sure she’ll When you are invited to the William Hill mobile casino VIP Program you will enter a place of rewarding promotions, exclusive rewards and endless possibilities. be on the first plane over here!
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Sea trout with asparagus, potatoes and seaweed

At The Ledbury which is still one of the best lunches to be had in West London. Even nicer with pleasant conversation with a business associate who ends up paying.

Saturday foodstalls on Golbourne Rd

Gotta try this soon. Looked fresh and amazing, and all the fish comes from across the road at the Golbourne suppliers.

Deep fried pizzaDeep fried pizza

Stranger than fiction, the urban myth revealed

Stranger than fiction, the urban myth revealed

Can I just say, I really didn’t ever believe this, but here is the genuine article. Deep fried pizza is real and Glaswegians like it a lot.

Much has been written about Scotland’s mythical Deep-Fried , yet very little of it seems to be consistent. Is the battered or just dropped in the fryer next to the battered fish and the flaccid chips?

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