"feed me, I starve"

Gattica Cafe, Melbourne

From way down under, Melbourne infact, our roving foodie, Heath Rudduck shares a delicious meal at Gattica. Personally, I love Carlisle St Melbourne, (even though it’s going the way of Brunswick St and Acland St), it has some amazing eating, and as is true of most of Melbourne the coffees are a conneseur’s dream!

“There are some things that were just meant to be. Like fresh home made vanilla ice cream and oozing, melting chocolate pudding. Look at it, sitting deliciously proud, amongst that smattering of berries like a veritable Nutters Knoll of indulgence. Gattica cafe in Melbourne.”

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Greg, My ‘glamping’ foodie buddy

I first met Greg Todd on a sheep field in the Brecon Beacons back in July 2006.
A group of us went to ‘Glamp’ (glamorous camping) and it was such a blast, that I’ve been back a good 4-5 times. Greg is the master chef at these events. He unpacks a virtual kitchen, complete with a fantastic modified paella dish that sits in his webber . In this dish he has been known to create seafood paellas. He also has a South African poike pot, which is a cast iron cauldron on legs that can sit in the fire. Massive stews and risottos are thus conjured. Camping creates an insatiable appetite for no real reason that I can figure other than a lot of fresh air, so Greg is the ultimate buddy. We all want to help, but somehow our efforts pale in comparison to Greg’s. See below for a step by step on the webber. Read more…

cod on squid ink risotto at the Ledbury

The Ledbury, on Ledbury Road, Notting HIll is wonderful. Especially for lunch.